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Esperanza Gomez Latin Adultery

Johnny had a really bad day, he got fired and he also crashed his car. He finally gets home but his wife left him a letter saying she is visiting her parents, and Johnny knows what this means, she is cheating on him again. He feels like he doesn’t gives a damn anymore, he is sick and tired of being treated like a piece of shit by everyone. His wife’s cousin, sexy Esperanza knocks on the door. This beautiful Latina is in town for few days and she always stays at their house while she is in town.

After she asks him what’s with that long face, he tells her all he’s been though, but Esperanza is the kind of person who is always looking for fun and she doesn’t takes life in serious, so she starts laughing after he tells him about the job, the car and his wife. He is not in the mood, and seeing her laughing is the last drop, he heads to the bedroom and slams the door behind him. Soon after this, Esperanza goes to his room to apologies. She finds him half naked and she feels like she needs to make him feel better. He doesn’t wants to talk to her, so she goes to the yard to tan her sexy body. Finally Johnny goes out to talk to her and this time he is going to get very lucky, because he gets to suck Esperanza’s big round tits and fuck her tight wet pussy. Have fun watching out latinadultery videos guys, and come back for more fun!


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