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Mia Gold Latin Adultery Video

Mia Gold is very upset because she found out that her man is cheating on her. In this latin adultery video she calls her husband’s employee to talk with him about her husband’s affairs because she has a feeling that Bill can tell her all about her husband’s escapades. Bill tells her he knows nothing about but she starts asking him about their recent trip to San Diego, and Bill has no other choice then telling her the truth because she threatens him about loosing his job.

Finally Bill tells her that her husband has a relation with a stripper and she starts crying on his shoulder. Bill feels so sorry for her, wishing he could make her feel better. Sexy Mia knows only one way that could make her feel better, and that is called revenge. If her husband can cheat her, so can she, and Bill is a very handsome and good looking guy, so Mia takes advantage on him and starts playing with his big cock, taking his hard dick in her mouth and tight pussy. Enjoy this kinky video and have fun, and if you like hot babes in hardcore action the check out some spanish porn and watch some naughty latinas getting fucked hard!