Why Sex Is Good For You?

By admin May 20, 2024
Sex Is Good

If you’re one of those “sex is bad” people who believe in abstinence or any other form of “traditional”, puritanical beliefs then you might be interested to know that there are plenty of “good sex practices” that will not only satisfy your physical needs but also lift your spirit. If you’re anything like me (who had never met a virgin until recently), this can be very confusing. I read the newspaper, magazines, books, heard about friends and peers and thought I knew what sex was all about. Then I started doing some research. And boy was I wrong!

Las vegas indian escorts suggested, that there is no such thing as the “perfect sexual encounter”. Just as there isn’t such thing as the “perfect wife or husband”. What we’re talking about is an experience where you feel emotionally, spiritually, and sexually connected. The physical connection has to be there for that feeling to really become powerful enough to manifest into a relationship.

Sex is wonderful. It’s part of the natural order of things. It is something that can bring joy, love, and intimacy into your life. But if you’re living in a sexless life or have been married for a while (or even if you’re just thinking about it) then sex may not be the best way for you to bring that excitement back into your life. If you’re committed to finding a new partner or looking for ways to improve your current relationship, then I’m here to tell you that sex is good for you.

Now, don’t misunderstand me – it’s not that I want you to lock yourself in a bedroom with your husband or boyfriend and take a 2 hour retreat after being in a relationship for years. But, I do want you to understand that, at least in my experience, sex can bring greater emotional, spiritual, and physical fulfillment into your lives when you are willing to give it a chance. Sex doesn’t have to take up half your dating time if you’re looking for a new partner and willing to give it a try.

So what makes sex great? Well, for women, well….it’s fun! Sex doesn’t have to be a chore or forced as it is when you’re making love to your husband or boyfriend. Sex is about enjoyment – and when you’re having fun with your partner it’s much easier to relax and let the lights come on naturally.

Another reason sex is great is because women often subconsciously set themselves up for sex. They think about sex all the time – and this is especially true if they’re married or in a serious relationship. Sex is something that women need and want often more than they want and need. As women we feel emotionally and sexually deprived. Relaxing is the key to letting yourself and your partner open up.

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